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"To A Great Writing Income...

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Great writers are creative:
Learn the simple secrets, and make as much money as you wish;
Practice creativity daily:
It's your real security;
Get confident and prolific:
Meet every writing challenge.
If you're a writer, and you're not as creative as you want to be -- in other words, you're not making the money top writers are making -- read on.
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Hi Fellow Writer

Three years ago, no matter how new a writer you were , or indeed, no matter how sloppy a writer you were, you could hang out your shingle as a "writer" and get gigs consistently. Although clients paid lip service to "quality" most wouldn't have known quality if it jumped up and bit them on the nose.

That was then. Times have changed. The Great Google keeps coming up with zoological updates (Panda and Penguin) which means that keyword-based writing is dead.

These days, not only does sub-standard writing have no chance of being read, Google's sinking it deeper than the Titanic. This means that it's not even good for links. If you doubt this, consider the plight of the content farms.

There's too much CONTENT on the Web now -- not surprising, when content farms are publishing tens of thousands of articles every month.

Here's what this means to ALL writers: slap-dash writing is going the way of the Dodo. Nowadays, when clients say they want quality writing, they not only mean it, they know it when they see it.

Therefore, you must be able to create quality content on demand. That means, you need to be CREATIVE... and PROLIFIC.

And this is a good thing. Once you realize this, you also realize that you now have freedom: the freedom to be you, a total original.

To create quality, you need creativity

Everyone is creative. Writers however make a career of their creativity. Not only creative in what you write, but also how much you write, and how you sell your writing.

Can you be creative on demand?

I've been a copywriter for well over 30 years, so creativity is natural to me. I didn't start out that way. Indeed, for many years, I struggled. I found getting great ideas and original concepts challenging, to say the least.

It turned out that I was trying too hard.

Creativity is natural, no struggle required

We're all naturally creative, unfortunately however, schooling trains that wonderful state out of us.

You need to get your creative self back, it's a matter of survival.

Over the past few months, I've been helping writing students to improve their writing, and it's boiled down to helping them to recover their own natural creativity. They have more fun with their writing, and their writing improves. They also write more: they become prolific. This means that completely without struggle, they make more money, because they're originals, and people want to work with them.

Be original: boost your income, starting today

When you discover how to be creative on demand, it has a huge benefit: you're original. There's no way it can be otherwise, and this is profitable.
Here's what's happened to four of my students, once they learned how to be creative on demand:

* Jamie dumped three of her least profitable clients, and got a high-paying client who's paying her more per hour than all the rest of her clients combined;

* Badri got a client who's sending him to school, and is paying him to go;

* Dino quit his day job to write full time. This is something he's wanted to do for over a year. He finally got the courage to do that;

* Edward finally finished the three ebooks he was working on… and a client paid him five figures for them, right into his bank account.

Billions of people online, millions of opportunities for YOU

Once you start focusing on your creativity, you can relax. Ideas and concepts will come to you. You'll understand what you need to do, and you'll do it.

You'll look for more opportunities, and you'll write more. How much money could you make if you DOUBLED your output? Becoming a prolific writer is easy, once you become confident by realizing that you're effortlessly creative.

Introducing Turn Your Creativity Into Cash: Writers' Creativity Secrets

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Discover that creativity equals income...
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Master the ONE technique which releases your originality, and make it pay off;
Discover how to solve problems:
Clients are happy to PAY you when you solve their problems (you can name your own price);
Get respect:
Climb out of the writing ghetto for good, when you discover an easy TOOL for creative idea development you can use TODAY;
Increase your income:
Discover yourself:
Six powerful ways to unlock your creativity in your daily life;
Be the original you are -- creativity is not only profitable, it's also fun.
Get confident:
Become prolific:
Prolific writers have more fun -- and they make more income. Chances are that you think that to be prolific, you need to struggle and "work hard". The opposite is true. Get a handle on your creativity, and you'll become effortlessly prolific.

What other writers have said...

"I was sorry I accepted a project to develop niche websites for a client. I asked Angela for help. She gave me Turn Your Creativity Into Cash to review... The 'Practice Creativity in Daily Life' section did it for me... completed one site, and have plans for six others. Result? The client loves it. He paid a bonus... The best news: a new contract, worth five figures every month. :-)" Shonda C. UK
"I thought low-paying clients were better than no clients at all. Angela told me to get out of the ghetto, and gave me Turn Your Creativity Into Cash. I followed the Intuition section for three weeks and got five new clients -- at three times my usual hourly rate... Angela, thank you for giving me the confidence I need. You changed my life."
Antoinette H. USA
"Turn Your Creativity Into Cash made me feel like a real writer. Thank you Angela... my new confidence won me a project with a six-month contact." Lakshman P. India

What you receive with Turn Your Creativity Into Cash: Writers' Creativity Secrets

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Turn Your Creativity Into Cash: Writers' Creativity Secrets
PDF, 63 pages.

The complete writers' creativity program, as I teach it to my personal coaching students.

Practical information you can use TODAY. If you're a beginning writer, it will give you confidence and make writing easier. On the other hand, if you've been writing for a while, this program is a powerful boost -- stop copying others. You can become the ORIGINAL you were always meant to be.

This program gives you everything you need to become an effortlessly prolific writer. You can double your output, and your income, by working less, and enjoying your writing more.

The most popular words students use to describe this program:

* Easy

* Powerful

* Profitable.

You're an original -- be yourself

We tend to think others know better than we do.

Newsflash: they don't.

The biggest mistakes I've made in my writing career happened when I listened to others, rather than to my own intuition. I thought others (including two New York literary agents) knew better than I did.

It can take a long time to trust yourself, if you don't practice creativity daily.

Turn Your Creativity Into Cash: Writers' Creativity Secrets helps you to trust yourself. Day by day, you'll build your confidence so that you can unlock who you really are.

Creativity is everything.

What would it mean if you practiced real creativity? What would it mean to you?

It might mean more clients, and clients who pay better.

It might mean having the courage to develop your own ebooks, and selling them.

It might mean having the confidence to become a full-time writer, making much more money than you're making now.

I coach writers to go beyond their limits.

Creativity training is part of the coaching I give my students... Enjoy :-)
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Have fun with this program...


Angela Booth

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