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"Discover How YOU Can Write Them,

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Get paid over and over again;

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Looking for a new income stream for your writing? Whether you're a new writer, or are an experienced pro, if you enjoy storytelling you can join the Kindle short fiction gold rush.
Angela Booth
Hi Fellow Writer

I started my career writing fiction in the early 1980s. In those days, I wrote romance novels. My novels sold well all over the world, with several translations.

However, after losing my editor at Macdonald-Futura and disastrous experiences with two New York literary agents, I gave up on fiction... with a sigh of relief. In those long-gone days fiction didn't pay well enough, and it wasn't worth the stress.

The more things change however, the more they stay the same.

Fast forward, to 2007.

In 2007 Amazon released the Kindle.

Suddenly writing fiction was PROFITABLE. Even writers who'd never written a book before were making great money -- millions in some cases.

Everything in the Kindle garden was rosy for fiction writers.

However, novels take time to write. Even if you're a super-fast writer, you're lucky write a novel a month, and keeping up that pace of production for month after month leads to burnout.

What if you didn't have to write so much? What if you could write and sell SHORT fiction?

Writing Kindle fiction, whether short or long, is wildly attractive to writers, for one big reason, which is...

No more hunting for writing jobs, and losing all rights in your words

We're writers, so we love to write, BUT we don't like hunting for writing jobs. And while most jobs are great, some gigs are a pain.

There's the feast or famine factor too when you're writing for others. One month you've got ten gigs lined up, then the next month, you're wondering where your next mortgage payment will come from.

And there's the biggie: when you write for others, you're trading hours for dollars. You lose all rights in your words, as soon as you're paid.

Amazon's Kindle provides a solution...

Get paid for your words over and over again

When you write ebooks, you get paid for your words with each copy you sell, because you retain the rights.

That makes writing fiction appealing, especially short fiction, which you can write and sell fast.

Short stories are by definition SHORT. A short story may be just 1,000 words. And they sell. And there's an audience of millions.

What's not to like about that?

Can YOU write short fiction?

If you can tell a story, you're golden. You can sell your short stories for $2.99 each, and you get 70% of that amount for each copy. Since 70% is just over $2, you'd receive $2 per sale.

Imagine if you sold just 50 copies a month, that's $100 per story -- every month. Of course, your stories won't all sell at the same rate. Some stories may sell hundreds or even thousand of copies each month. Other stories, few or zero copies. Luckily, short stories don't take long to write.

Imagine if you wrote a story a week, for four weeks. That's $400... As you write more stories, your income would grow. MarlaB wrote 75 stories and increased her income steadily -- the more she wrote, the more she earned.

Writers are making five figures a month, after only a few months of writing.

Introducing "Fiction Fiesta: Write Short Kindle Fiction For Fun and Profit -- WORKBOOK"

Fiction Fiesta

Discover how to write short stories FAST:

* Write a short story a day, or a week, to build an ever-increasing income stream, with the writing you do in your spare time. Exercises will build your confidence. Your exercises will grow into stories you can publish;

Discover how to write entertaining stories your readers will LOVE:
Create likable characters, and thrilling plots;

Turn readers into FANS:
You'll grow your readership while you're writing. This is fun to do, and you'll know that you'll make sales as soon as you publish a new story;

Become a self-publishing pro:
You'll be a true professional. You''ll ensure that your story covers, revision, and editing will give your readers great experiences;

Build your inventory of stories:
Discover the two BIG secrets to ensuring that each story you write sells the next. Spin successful stories into additional stories;

Think like publishers:
Discover how to build a team to help you to publish and promote. You'll discover how to expose Amazon's secrets, and use them to build your publishing empire... while ensuring that no mat

What Fiction Fiesta beta workshop students have said…

"After writing four partially completed novels, I had writer's block. When I asked Angela for coaching she gave me Fiction Fiesta and suggested I write short stories to build my confidence. Writer's block is in the past. I wrote three short stories for Lesson One within three days -- this workshop is just what I need." Chris R. USA

"Thanks Angela and Julia. You've helped me to create a writing process. I'm building up a pen name with new erotica short stories every week -- and I'm getting readers and reviews. My wife's got the bug too. She's gone from my first reader to my collaborator. I can recommend Fiction Fiesta to anyone who wants to become a confident self-publisher." Didi P. UK

"I've been writing for years, but never had the confidence to sell. Angela gave me Fiction Fiesta and it cut through my writing obstacles. Fiction Fiesta reveals the concepts in a way I can understand, it's practical and powerful. I'm amazed that I now enjoy writing. I've got tears in my eyes as I write this -- thank you from my heart." Jaime A. USA

Here's what's included in the Fiction Fiesta WORKBOOK: become a successful and confident short story writer

This is the complete coaching workshop, minus the coaching… but of course, you'll always have all the help you need.
Lesson 1: Your short story questions answered. Includes a short story template. How to write your first story, the EASY way, with help from your subconscious mind.

Lesson 2: Plot and characters: the secret sauce. How to write FAST. Explores sensual writing, scenes and dialog. Discover how to create worlds and series.

Lesson 3: Everything you need to know about popular genres which sell. Write short stories in the paranormal, mystery and erotica genres. Or write first, choose a genre later. All about Amazon's categories, tags, and product descriptions.

Lesson 4: Publishing and promotion. Create a publishing schedule. How to sell on Amazon, and beyond Amazon. Nitty-gritty: e-covers, revision and editing for professional ebooks. How to turn readers into enthusiastic fans, and sell more ebooks with every story you write.

Four lessons, in a PDF workbook

You receive all the lessons, and resources, in a PDF -- 84 pages.
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TWO bonus ebooks
You receive two bonus bestselling ebooks of mine. I've included them, because they'll help you to write great stories fast;
Ebook Cover Image Templates
Angela Booth

Fiction Fiesta WORKBOOK

Of course, although there's no week by week coaching with this workbook, you can ask for any help you need at any time. Either Julia (my amazing, hard working assistant) or I will get back to you within hours (often minutes) on a business day, and within 24 hours on a weekend.

You're NEVER alone -- Julia and I are here to help. Your success is our success. Happy writing. :-)


Angela Booth

Questions? Contact me.