100 Day Writing Challenge

Achieve Your Writing Goals NOW

Thanks for your interest; this program is closed. Current programs are here.
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"Your Chance To Achieve Your Writing Dreams:

"Team Up With Angela!"

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Hi Fellow Writer

It's Team Up time again -- your chance to get professional writing coaching, right now, and accomplish your goals.

Got a goal? Excellent. We'll achieve it.

If you haven't set a clearly defined goal for your writing, we'll do that first.

Coaching can make all the difference.

If you're new to the Team Up concept, it's a special format for my personal coaching.

Here's what a writer said about coaching...

My income has skyrocketed since I began working with Angela. I was already a full-time freelancer with many published clips, but I lacked direction and the confidence to go after high-paying assignments.

Through her one-on-one coaching, I've built a professional identity that has resulted in nonstop, high-end work.

I'm now in a position to pick and choose with whom I work, on what type of assignments, and on a pay scale that gives me freedom, security, and a great deal of pride.

These days I am often told I charge too much -- and I laugh when I hear it, because I'm so slammed with work. Angela has helped me position myself as the top of the line in my local community, so I never worry about losing a client who doesn't want to pay me what I'm worth.

E.C.A (US)

What will you achieve with Team Up?

I'll happily help you to build the foundation so that you achieve your writing goals in 2015 -- whatever those goals might be.

Here's what gave me the inspiration for Team Up.

Way back in September 2010, I launched the 100 Day Writing Challenge, which inspired me, just as it inspired the participants. Many of you kickstarted new writing careers, gaining confidence in your abilities along the way.

The Challenge was completely free. It had a limited sign-up period, because I wanted everyone to be on the same page, as we progressed through the 13 weeks.

Here's what intrigued me about the Challenge.

Writers got more done and achieved success for two reasons:

* They were (mildly) accountable; and

* They had a method.

Writers said they got more done in a week than they'd done in months, achieved goals they'd been trying to achieve for years, and found writing easier and much more fun.

Several writers told me that they'd finally gone full time. Others, who were job hunting, managed to make a full-time income from their writing.

In nine cases out of ten, they told me that their life turned around because of one small thing...

The magic of one small thing

Yes, just one thing turned their life and writing career around. Several writers took the ASK tip to heart. Others discovered that they could listen to themselves, and that journaling is a wonderful creative tool: you can ask questions, and get answers.

Writing and selling are complex activities. Whatever they were aiming to do, whether it was writing and selling a book, launching a copywriting career, starting an ebook business... Whatever their goal happened to be, ONE small thing turned everything around for them.

I've noticed the same effect with my writing students. A tiny change has huge effects.

Team Up helps you to discover that one small thing which changes YOUR life, and much more.

Here's how we can team up

I've got various coaching programs I've been running for years.

For a very limited time, I'm offering the final Team Up program.

Here's how it works. I'll send you a PDF which includes a questionnaire and my private email address. You receive full and complete access to me. We'll start working together immediately, achieving YOUR goals.

You can ask me any questions you wish, whenever you wish: I'll create strategic plans for you, so you can accomplish them -- and I'll help you to do that. You're NEVER alone.

I'll work with you on your current projects, or we'll develop new ones.

My students tell me that I'm fun to work with, so I know that we'll both enjoy our time together.

Team Up will work brilliantly for you if you're already a student of mine; if you've purchased a product, this is your chance to get step by step help in taking it as far as you want to go with it.

Team Up will be great for you if you need help with:

* Getting started as a writer -- develop a writing-for-money career

* Writing career direction: doubling and tripling your income (quit your day job)

* Getting bigger clients -- writing for large companies

* Ebook creation and sales -- building your sales on the Kindle, and on the Web

* Get started on the Kindle platform: write short stories, novels, or nonfiction (includes formatting and uploading your ebooks)

* Getting traditionally published: create a book proposal, and get an agent

* Pro blogging -- get clients on retainer

* Building your platform -- kick your career up a notch or two

* Copywriting -- get your first client, or get bigger clients

* Build motivation, and get rid of bad habits

* Magazine and/ website content writing

* Anything you like… :-)

Most of my products include coaching. In a sense, Team Up offers you power coaching.

The cost of Team Up is just $97.

This is amazing value; my six-month coaching program is $6000, and I charge $300 per hour for consultations.

Why do I offer Team Up?

It's simple. This is my chance to work with writers I could help in no other way. It's my way of paying it forward. I love it, because I've been helped many times. I'm THRILLED with "my" writers' successes… :-)

We'll work together using email, chat, or phone, whichever you prefer…

Ready to get started? Excellent. I look forward to writing with you.

Please understand that this is the final Team Up program. It won’t be offered again.
Thanks for your interest; this program is closed. Current programs are here.
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Thoughts? Questions?

You're NEVER alone -- Julia (my hardworking assistant) and I are here to help.

I'm looking forward to helping you to achieve your goals, and writing with you.


Angela Booth

Questions? Contact me.