With more opportunities than ever before, a writing career can be more profitable than just about any day job...
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If you were a prolific writer, you could:
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Sell more of your writing:
For high-powered success these days, you need to be VISIBLE, whether it's on the Web, or on Amazon. Being visible demands that you're prolific;
Get better clients:
Once you're visible, more prospective clients know that you exist, and want to hire you;
Double (at least) your income:
If you're writing and selling double what you're doing now, you'll double your income... and you can triple it, if you raise your rates.
If you haven't achieved the writing success you want, and you're wondering what it takes to get there, read on.
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Hi Fellow Writer

These days, there are unlimited opportunities for writers -- never in the history of the world has there been a better time to be a writer.

However, there's a catch. To take advantage of all the opportunities which are available to you, you must be prolific.

What's "prolific"?

Here's the dictionary definition:

"Prolific: (of an artist, author, or composer) producing many works."

If you produce less, you make less income

Now there's a big surprise. But that's the bottom line. Your income is always limited by how much you can produce.

I began my writing career as a romance novelist. My first editor, 30 years ago, loved that I was prolific. I'm sure that was why she took me on, and gave a new author a contract based on just a proposal; that's pretty much unheard of.

I forgot the "be prolific" lesson, and learned it again. Therefore, the big tip I always give to my writing students is to write more, because every challenge you meet as a writer can be solved if you keep writing, and keep selling.

What would it mean to you if you were more prolific?

These days, my writing income depends on my copywriting clients, my writing students, and my info product creation.

I'm about as prolific as I can be, but I'm still a productivity nut; I know that no matter how busy I think I am, I can always be more prolific.

So can you.

What would it mean if you were more prolific? Think of what you're writing now. What if you wrote (and sold) twice as much?

If you're just starting out on a writing career, producing twice as much as you're producing now would mean that you'd have twice as many clients. Your income would increase substantially. If you're working a day job, you could become a full-time writer sooner.

If you're an established writer, you could combine writing for twice as many clients, with developing a range of Kindle ebooks. Maybe you could take the family on a European vacation, and write a travel book while you're there.

You can always become MORE prolific, indeed, today you must be more prolific

Think that you can't become a prolific writer... or a MORE prolific writer?

Not so, you CAN, if you decide that you will. Becoming more prolific depends on you making the decision that you will be, and getting time-wasters and distractions out of the way.

If the Global Financial Crisis has taught us anything, we know that we need to produce more. That's as true for entire countries, as it is for individuals.

Here's the thing: becoming more prolific builds your audience, step by step, AND you'll get to know yourself as a writer. You can't know what you're capable of, until you stretch yourself as a writer.

I'm always pushing my writing students for MORE: to be more creative, more confident, by being more prolific.

Here's why: over many years of writing, and many years of watching the writing careers of other writers, I know that being prolific is the secret to a happy and successful writing career.

Whatever your dreams and goals as a writer, you can achieve them when you become more prolific.

Since I know that becoming prolific will make a huge difference in YOUR life, as it has in the lives of my students, I knew I had to create a program to show you how it's done.

Introducing: How to Become a Prolific Writer and Conquer Every Writing Challenge

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In this new program, you'll discover...
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The ONE big secret of prolific writers:
This is simple -- and you can make use of this secret, even if you're a brand new writer;
How to overcome the distractions we all encounter:
Distractions will crush your potential to be prolific -- discover TWO simple methods to overcome them;
How a prolific writer thinks, and works:
Step by step. You'll start with ONE big thing you need to do every single day;
A FOUR step process to becoming prolific:
New writer, or experienced pro -- I've boiled becoming prolific into a simple, fun process you'll love;
How to get inspired:
Becoming prolific demands that you become inspired, regularly. Inspiration is the engine which drives a prolific writer.

What early readers have said...

"Angela, thank you for asking me to work with the Prolific Writer material. You're right, I over-think, then I freeze... When I just focus on writing, everything follows from that. The exercises really helped too... got two new clients this week." Jessie T., USA
"I'm writing more, and it's paying off. This week, I got two new clients, and completed the overdue projects, thanks to How to Be a Prolific Writer. I can see how this workflow can increase my income -- being prolific is easy." Gautam R., India
"Client was pleased; paid right away... This is my second month working with Prolific Writer. I count SIX new clients so far, two more more very interested. I felt out of control, nervous I made a mistake when I quit [my day job]. Now I know I can more than handle it. Thanks Angela. You helped me when I thought I was drowning. You're a godsend. Thanks to Julia too." Thomas W., UK

You can become prolific while working fewer hours

Once you know how to be prolific, you'll find that although you're writing more, you're working fewer hours.

Whatever your current writing process, you'll have more fun, and will be much more productive with the Prolific Writer process.

This process works for both new and established writers, and for whatever you're writing. It's a mindset. You'll get more done, because you're unlocking who you really are.

Here's what's included…

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How to Become a Prolific Writer and Conquer Every Writing Challenge
PDF, 52 pages

Becoming a prolific writer, from go to whoa. No fluff, just solid practical information you can use right away.

What could you achieve if you doubled your writing output?

There have never been as many opportunities for writers as exist today. Decide to become prolific, and you can take advantage of more of them.

I've long wished that I could clone myself so I could grab more opportunities. Until I can do that, I'll happily settle for being more prolific.

Enjoy this program -- it can change your life.
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Affirm! Take Charge Of Your Writing And Your Life
Complete package, includes PDF, plus motivational MP3s

Being prolific is a mindset. You can develop it. Eliminate anxiety, and become a strong, confident writer.

You'll discover how you can become prolific, while working fewer hours than you're working now.

$67 value.

Learn more.
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BONUS: Coaching
15 minutes, $75 value.

You're unique, and you have unique challenges. I include bonus coaching with most of my products, to ensure that they work for you.

Get in touch. I love hearing from writers, and look forward to writing with YOU.

How much would you expect to pay for a program which helps you to write more prolifically?

Becoming prolific is the key to a successful writing career. You can't make a six-figure income without being prolific.

The information in this program has helped my personal coaching students, and it will help you, too.

Every writer needs to be prolific, so you could pay several thousand dollars to be coached through the program.

However, I won't charge anywhere near that, because I want you to have it. On launch, the program will be $97, which is an amazing offer.



The package contains PDF files, which you download instantly on payment. (Double-click the ZIP package, to reveal your PDFs.)

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Book your free coaching with Angela Booth

We wish you all success. This package comes with a free coaching session of 15 minutes. (If you'd like more coaching, join Prolific Writer Personal Coaching.)

Please book your free coaching once you've worked through the material. You can take your session at any time, within the next 12 months. Coaching is via email.

Of course, in addition to coaching, you can ask for any help you need. Either Julia (my amazing, hard working assistant) or I will get back to you within hours (often minutes) on a business day, and within eight hours on a weekend.

You're NEVER alone -- Julia and I are here to help.


Angela Booth

Questions? Contact me.

NEW -- Now available: Prolific Writer Personal Coaching

Want help with becoming the prolific writer you know you can be? Join me for personal coaching.
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