Want to become a prolific writer? You can work through the program alone, or receive personal coaching. If you double your output, you can double your writing income. Discover the secrets of prolific writers with Angela Booth's new coaching program...
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Hi Fellow Writer

These days, there are more opportunities than ever for writers.

However, to take advantage of them, you need to be prolific. A prolific writer writes and SELLS. He's effortlessly productive.

Even if you've never considered yourself to be a writer, becoming a prolific writer is essential. No matter what business you're in, these days you need to become a prolific communicator.

Prolific at what?

Your first step in becoming prolific is deciding what you'll become prolific at. You may become prolific at writing books, blogging, at copywriting, at writing for clients, or at magazine and web writing.

I've made a decision to become more prolific at many times in my writing career.

For example:

* In 1980: when I decided to write a book proposal a month. Result: I sold a series of romance novels to MacDonald-Futura UK;

* In 1986: when I decided to write for magazines; I wrote several magazine queries every day. Result: I wrote for magazines like Vogue, which boosted my copywriting career;

* In 2000: when I decided to become more prolific online. Result: I started blogging. This increased visibility has boosted ALL of my writing.

Becoming prolific ALWAYS gets results.

Once you've decided the area in which you want to become prolific, it's time to create a plan, both to write more, and to sell more.

If you've never created and executed such plan, it can be challenging. A personal coach can help.

How can personal coaching in becoming prolific benefit you?

Having a coach ensures you'll become prolific. Your coach helps you to create goals -- so you can decide what you want to become prolific doing. Then your coach creates a plan for you, and coaches you through your plan.

Personal coaching happens step-by-step. It's personal. You receive a complete program that's tailored to exactly what you want to do. You'll even get help in deciding what you want to do.


* Becoming a successful, full-time writer, who's making more money than you can make at any day job;

* Writing more, in less time, so that you have time for your family and social activities;

* Becoming the writer YOU want to be, in shorter time than you think possible -- what would it mean to you to be on the way to doubling your income in the next 12 months?

Each time I've decided to take my writing career to the next level, and become more prolific, it's changed my life.

The same has happened with my writing students.

How the Prolific Writer: Personal Coaching program works

You'll start by completing a questionnaire, so you can share what's happening with you.

Next, you'll decide what form of writing you want to be prolific at.

Then I'll create a personal tailored-to-you program which covers four weeks. You receive step-by-step coaching in becoming prolific in your chosen area.

Each week, you receive a new week's program via email. This program directs your activities for the following week. Ideally, you have two hours a day to devote to the program. (If this isn't possible, you'll need two months to complete coaching.)

Each day, you'll send me a short email message with a report of what you've accomplished on that particular day, and any questions you may have. I'll respond, so that we can be sure that you're on the right track.

You can ask questions at any time.

Becoming prolific is a decision. It's the best decision you can make. The times in my life when I decided to become prolific had a profound effect on my writing. The same will happen with you.

One writer's experience with personal coaching...

"My income has skyrocketed since I began working with Angela. I was already a full-time freelancer with many published clips, but I lacked direction and the confidence to go after high-paying assignments.

"Through her one-on-one coaching, I've built a professional identity that has resulted in nonstop, high-end work. I'm now in a position to pick and choose with whom I work, on what type of assignments, and on a pay scale that gives me freedom, security, and a great deal of pride.

"These days I am often told I charge too much -- and I laugh when I hear it, because I'm so slammed with work. Angela has helped me position myself as the top of the line in my local community, so I never worry about losing a client who doesn't want to pay me what I'm worth."

Become inspired and motivated

The primary aim of coaching in any area is to inspire and motivate you. I'll guide you, so that you achieve the results you want.

By the end of our month together, you will have become a prolific writer.

Join me.

Exclusive offering to complement How To Be Prolific

In conjunction with the release of my new How To Be Prolific program, for a limited time, you receive an exclusive offering on this coaching. You won't pay $1,497, you'll receive this coaching for just $997.

We'll have a great deal of fun over our month together. Writers say that personal coaching is the best investment they've ever made -- here's your chance to experience it.

Please note: This is a time-limited offering, and may be removed without notice at any time.

Let's get started -- you can change your writing life


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Questions? Please ask

Do you have any questions about personal coaching?

Contact Angela.

If you're not sure what becoming prolific entails, work through the How to Become a Prolific Writer program first. You can take personal coaching at any time.