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Discover why PLR is hotter than ever:
Content of all kinds is in huge demand;
Start your own home-based business:
Be your own boss;
Make money from your creativity.
Are you looking for a way to make money from your writing? And the writing of others?
Angela Booth
Hi Fellow Writer

"PLR" stands for Private Label Rights content. Basically, this is material you write, to which your buyers purchase most rights.

You may disallow them selling your PLR as PLR to others, but aside from that, buyers can do whatever they please with the PLR they buy from you.

PLR content can include: articles, ebooks, online courses, audios (in the form of seminars, or tutorials), videos (again in the form of tutorials or lessons in something or other), presentations, mind maps… It's completely up to you.

As the online world moves in the direction of mobile in 2013 and beyond, new forms of PLR are emerging. Think about creating short content, such as serialized stories and other short fiction.

Buyers can use your content as-is, on websites, in ebooks, as marketing materials, or they can edit it; it's completely up to them.

PLR is the perfect writing business

PLR is a great business, because you can create 20 articles, and sell them not to one buyer, but as many as you wish. Some PLR packages are sold to as few as 20 buyers, others are sold to 200 or more. The fewer packages you sell, the more you can ask for them.

Let's look at some figures.

If you write an article for a buyer, you might charge him $50 for the article, if it took you just half an hour to write.

Let's say you write 20 articles. At $50 each, you would make $1,000. However, it takes you a lot of time and marketing to find buyers who buy a thousand dollars' worth of articles at any one time.

But what if you sold those same 20 articles for $20, or $30? You'd sell many more articles. Indeed, if you have the articles available, each buyer who's willing to spend $20 with you, would happily pay $100, if he ended up with 100 quality articles.

Let's say you sold those 20 articles to 200 buyers, for $20 each set of 20. That's $4,000, for 20 articles, which may have taken you ten hours to write.

Can you see that if you write and sell PLR, you can make a great deal of money, if you treat it like a real business?

There's another way of making money from PLR too: you can buy PLR from others, to create powerful, unique products of your own.

What if you were to BUY PLR, to create your own products?

The benefits of becoming an expert on PLR content don't end there.

I know many writers who are keen buyers of PLR, in addition to writing PLR. They use PLR content to create their own ebooks, videos, and money-making websites.

There are no limits to what you can do with PLR; the only limits are those of your own creativity.

Before we go on, let's look at the changing PLR landscape in the past couple of years, because of the Google Penguin and Panda updates, and Amazon's changed PLR policies.

Be aware of the Google Penguin and Panda updates -- and Amazon's policies

Writers have been happily selling PLR for a decade; however, the landscape changed somewhat when Google came out with its Penguin and Panda updates, and Amazon's policies changed.

As a PLR writer, and a PLR user (when you use PLR you buy to create your own products), this has zero effect on you.

However, it's made some PLR buyers gun-shy. These are the "instant content" folks. They buy masses of PLR and use it as-is. Of course, Google, and Amazon, object. Using PLR as-is, is no longer an option if the buyer's income depends on Google or Amazon.

These folks can't make money that way, so they need to edit the PLR they buy. This is an opportunity for you. Just sell "customized" PLR -- PLR you've rewritten to a buyer's specifications (only if they're using either Google or Amazon as a source of income). The buyer buys his PLR from you, then hires you at your usual hourly rate to edit the PLR. Alternatively, you can sub-contract out this work: you charge the buyer, then hire other writers who will work at a lower rate than you will.

Become a PLR pro, and create a six-figure income

There's never been a better time to be a writer. There's a HUGE demand for content of all kinds.

"Content marketing" is the latest hot thing online, although savvy Internet business people have always known of the value of content.

There are many reasons for this huge demand for content. The reasons don't need to concern us, but here are two of them:

* Expensive advertising, in the face of the ongoing Global Financial Crisis;

* The fragmenting audience -- it's no longer easy to target specific audiences, because of the growth of social media, and the fact that fewer people are paying money for newspapers and magazines.

So writers can make a lot of money writing content. However there's a real challenge when it comes to making money. Every writer is limited because there are only 24 hours in each day. This places a real ceiling on your income.

Savvy writers constantly look for ways in which they can get more out of their hours -- this means that they need to sell their writing over and over again, rather than trading hours for dollars.

Writing, selling, and using PLR to create unique products is a perfect way to sell your writing over and over again.

I've created a package to help you to do that.

Introducing: Write, Sell and Use PLR: Content is King

Write Sell and Use PLR
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PLR from go to whoa in one package, with videos:
Everything you need to both write and sell PLR… and to buy PLR to turn into your own range of products FAST;
The THREE secrets to writing PLR which sells all day long:
You'll discover what to write, AND how to write it. In addition, you'll learn how to write FAST. The more you write, the more income you'll make;
The ultimate "PLR business in a box":
Get started writing and selling today, even if you're a new writer;
Discover advanced PLR strategies:
Put them into practice now. Perfect for you if you've wanted to try creating and selling PLR;
Set up your own PLR business TODAY:
This is a business you can start on a shoestring, even without creating a website, if you wish. If you're looking to create a business on shoestring, you can do it now.

What's included: everything you ever wanted to know about how to write, sell and use PLR

Comprehensive videos, and much more...
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PLR Genius: Build a $100,000-a-Year Private Label Rights Business FAST
Video course, complete training in writing and selling PLR.

$147 value.

You receive the complete course: you can download it INSTANTLY, and work at your own pace.

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PLR Cash Machine
12-video course in how to make money with PLR; how to use PLR materials to create your own unique products, and sell them.

$97 value.

This is the easiest way to create products. What if you created a new product each week, and sold it? At the end of 12 months, you'd have 52 products to sell.

3 PLR guides

Your package also includes three PLR guides, covering everything you need to know to write, sell, and use PLR.

I've made this package as comprehensive as I can. I want you to launch a successful PLR business; even if you're a completely new writer.

(If you get stuck at any time, with any part of the package, Julia and I are always here to help you out.)

BONUS -- coaching

This comprehensive PLR training comes with a free coaching session of 15 minutes. This is a $75 value -- an hour of personal coaching is $300.

How my students are making money with PLR…

I've been teaching students in SYWON (Sell Your Writing Online Now) and elsewhere to make money with PLR for years. Some have set up profitable businesses; some just make extra cash. One student went on from writing PLR to become the editorial director at a big Web development company, because she's fantastic at writing and selling content.

Here's what my students say...
"I bought PLR Genius when a big contract for tech writing ended. I wanted to write something else and make money without needing to answer to anyone. A year later, I'm buying and rehabbing websites, using PLR. Angela's got a lot of products, and I can say without a doubt that I owe my family's happiness and security to what she taught me about writing. Thanks Angela, and Julia." Dan P. USA
"Angela asked what I'm doing in my PLR business… Making money! I'm making between $4K and $5K every week. That's around $20,000 every month. I have a writing team working for me now, but I started out writing my own PLR, and selling it a pack at a time. I graduated from SYWON; best investment I ever made. I can't share my niches, but almost any niche works. Here's a tip -- just get started, and keep going. It's all about volume…" Raf N. France
"I'm a full-time blogger. Thanks Angela, I'm a Blogging for Dollars fan. :-) PLR used to be a sideline. My daughter asked me to help, so now she and a friend write about ___ and ____ (niches withheld)… I sell it, after a little light editing. I wish I could go into PLR full-time, but my blogging contracts keep me too busy for now… I've hired a VA (virtual assistant) to take on PLR-customization. He's so busy I need someone else…" Debra V. Canada

Can YOU write and sell PLR?

If you love to write, you can. Creating and selling PLR is all about volume, as Raf says. There's a huge market, with many thousands of untapped niches.

It's perfect for a new writer. You can write part-time, and then go full-time, when you're ready.

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With more of us using the Internet on various devices, we offer two methods of ordering. If you have challenges, contact us, we're happy to help.

Payment via card or PayPal

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The package contains videos and PDF files, which you download instantly on payment. (Double-click the ZIP package, to reveal your videos and PDFs.)

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After You Purchase: must-have FREE software if you're on a Windows machine

If you're on a Windows machine, life can get complicated, especially when you download videos.

You may not have problems, but if you do...

If you're on Windows, I encourage you to download and install the following FREE software. It will make your life easier.

* Download without pain
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* Unzip -- free

* A free PDF reader
Foxit Reader

* VLC media player: watch your videos in style
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If you're using a Mac, you'll be fine -- your Mac already has all the software you need...
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Book your free coaching with Angela Booth

We wish you all success. This comprehensive PLR training comes with a free coaching session of 15 minutes. This is a $75 value -- an hour of personal coaching is $300.

Please book your free coaching once you've worked through the material. You can take your session at any time, within the next 12 months. Coaching is via email.

Of course, in addition to coaching, you can ask for any help you need. Either Julia (my amazing, hard working assistant) or I will get back to you within hours (often minutes) on a business day, and within eight hours on a weekend.

You're NEVER alone -- Julia and I are here to help.


Angela Booth

Questions? Contact me.