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Angela Booth Announces 30-Day Novel-Writing Challenge For Kindle Authors


When copywriter and writing teacher Angela Booth asked her ezine's readers whether they were interested in a 30-day novel-writing challenge, they responded with an enthusiastic: "I'm in!"

Angela Booth's new "30-Day Novel-Writing Challenge" begins on August 1, 2012. However, authors can take the challenge at any time.

Angela created the challenge not only for other writers, but also for herself. She began her writing career as a novelist, but she's found it difficult to make time for her fiction. She's thrilled with the fresh opportunities available for writers in self-publishing, and is working on two series of novels.

Angela said: "I love getting back to fiction. When I was growing up, 'real' writers wrote novels. Exploring imaginary worlds is like coming home. Recently however my copywriting clients' demands meant that work on my novels took a backseat."

The answer, she decided, was creating a fiction-writing challenge. Wondering whether other writers were in the same boat, she asked her ezine's readers. Many responded, and the challenge begins on August 1.

When writers join the Challenge, they receive Angela's 32-page PDF ebook, "Write Genre Novels (Commercial Fiction) For Fun And Profit" free.

The Challenge extends over 30 days. Each day, members will receive receive a short motivating tip and advice to help them with their Kindle fiction in their Inbox. Writers can share their progress on Twitter if they wish, using the hashtag: #30novel.

Although the Challenge begins on August 1, writers can join at any time. Angela said: "Writers can join the Challenge when they're ready -- when they have a little time each day to devote to writing a novel."

Writers don't need hours each day: 20 minutes a day to devote to a novel is ample.

Writers can learn more about the Challenge here.

About Angela Booth

Angela Booth is a top copywriter, and writing teacher. She offers many guides, courses and classes to help writers to enhance their skills at Writing Genii. She also provides inspiration and motivation for writers on her writing blogs. Angela has been writing successfully since the late 1970s, and was online in the 1980s, long before the birth of the Web. Her business books have been widely published.