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Writing With Supreme Confidence

I've just finished writing message #4 of the 100 Day Writing Challenge. This covers days 15 to 21 of the Challenge, and its title is "Develop Supreme Confidence In Yourself and Your Writing". Over the next few weeks, you'll discover how to develop real confidence in yourself, and in your writing.

Most writers lack confidence. We're always facing the blank page -- and this takes courage. So if you feel that you lack confidence, please relax. It's completely normal.

In my first few years as a copywriter, I was amazed that each and every client was so different. You'd think that if you've written 50 brochures, you KNOW how to write brochures. No so. Yes, you know the format, and you know what you need to do, but every new client and project presents fresh trials. You always have to find your courage, and scrape together your confidence.

In message #4, you'll take the first steps towards becoming supremely confident in yourself and your abilities. This won't be a false, whistling-in-the-dark confidence -- it will be real confidence. Yes, you may feel nervous at the start of a big new project, but you'll register that "nervousness" as excitement, and writing will become an exciting adventure.

Enjoy the journey. :-)

Reminder: the Prelaunch of Writing Dynamo ends soon

There's just a couple of days left of the prelaunch exclusive on Writing Dynamo. If you're confused about your writing goals for the Challenge, that guide will help you.