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Love to tell stories?
Write children's books, mysteries, thrillers, romances... whatever you choose;
Develop a novel-writing career:
Write to entertain, and make money;
Join the self-publishing revolution:
It's easy and fast.
Can you tell stories with passion, arousing a sense of excitement in readers? You may have a whole new career as a novelist ahead of you...
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Hi Fellow Writer

Two years ago, if you'd told me that writers were making money selling FICTION, I would have laughed. It took years of frustration to become a successful novelist… if you were lucky.

Amazon changed everything.

These days, novelists are finally making money.

The gatekeepers have gone. You can write and publish your book as easily as you use a word processor.

No more gatekeepers

I began my writing career as a novelist in the early 1980s. In those days, you could count on years of rejection slips, shipping off bulky manuscripts to editors and agents in New York and London.

Although I was lucky – I managed to get a multi-book contract after six months, and an agent a couple of years after that -- within a few years I gave up writing fiction. Dealing with the gatekeepers was just too frustrating. I hated being told what to write, how to write, and how many books I could write each year. Copywriting and magazine writing was much less frustrating, and much more profitable, so although it was a wrench, I forgot fiction.

Then Amazon released the Kindle, and everything changed.

Nowadays, the gatekeepers have gone. That's not to say that everything in the garden's rosy of course. You need to do the things that publishers used to do for authors, even though they did it badly… You need to find an audience, build a platform, and promote your books.

The writing however, comes first.

Do you want to make money writing?

It's never been easier. There are unlimited opportunities for writers today. However, few opportunities offer as much as fiction (writing short stories and novels) does.

Before we go on, it's worthwhile establishing how fiction (writing stories) differs from nonfiction (writing factually-based material). Fiction provides an experience. Nonfiction offers knowledge. Fiction is entertainment, although it can teach, too.

Writing fiction is a HUGE opportunity because ANY writer can hit it big, with just a few books.

For example, in June 2012 EL James, the author of the Fifty Shades trilogy, was purportedly making $1.34 MILLION dollars per WEEK.

Most novelists don't make anywhere near that. However, some are closing in on making a million dollars. Many are simply making a good living.

Warning: I'm not suggesting that YOU, or I, will make dizzying sums. Indeed, I'm not suggesting that we'll make any money at all. What I am saying is that fiction is now a viable writing opportunity. That has never happened before. Indeed, writing fiction used to make horse racing look like a stable (pun intended) industry.

Millions of dollars sound befuddling. Most writers feel that that's living in a fantasy. I wrote a blog post about real writers, making real money -- and they make more than you'd think from their Kindle ebooks.

How to get started writing fiction

In the early 1980s, I decided that I'd write and sell a novel. I gave myself until I was 40 to do it. If I didn't manage to do it in ten years, I promised myself I'd give up my dream of becoming a novelist. Amazingly, I managed to get a contract from British publisher Macdonald Futura for a series of romance novels in less than six months.

Here's how I did it: I created a plan, and I worked the plan.

It was as simple, and as complicated as that.

I'm doing exactly the same thing today. I have a plan to write Kindle fiction, and I'm breezing along with my plan.

You can do this too. If you see the potential in fiction for YOU, then by all means go ahead and write.

Challenge yourself

A few months ago, I created the 30-Day Novel-Writing Challenge. I created the Challenge for myself; and for my students.

I did it for myself because I have an ambitious Kindle publishing program of novels underway, and I was falling down on my commitment. What with writing copy for clients, writing for the Web, and working with my writing students, days would go by during which I never glanced at my fiction.

Many of the students wanted more. They asked me for a complete program based on the 30-Day Challenge.

So, I'm happy to oblige.

Want to write fiction? Here you go -- Fiction Frenzy: Write and Publish Kindle Fiction

I've created a complete Kindle publishing program for you, if you want to write fiction.
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Receive a complete mini novel-writing course;
I hope you'll write many, many novels. Tell good stories, and you'll sell them. There's a voracious audience online. It's getting bigger by the day... and it wants YOUR stories;
Discover the BIG secret of successful Kindle novelists:
It's a simple one. You can build an entire career on this alone;
Build a novelists' career:
Write a novel in 30 days and start building passive income streams:
The world of writing has changed forever. The money for writers is now in entertainment -- discover how to entertain readers, by giving them what they crave;
If you can spare 30 minutes a day, you can write your novel. It will sell for years. I'm a huge believer in "write it once; sell it forever". Start developing your own line of novels;
Build your platform (readership) as you write:
Learn how to focus on the forest, rather than the trees. Set a firm foundation on your novelists' career, starting today.

What 30-Day Novel-Writing Challenge and early readers have said

"My kids wanted me to write down the stories I tell them... indie publishing looked too complicated. Angela makes it easy. I'm on the way to finishing first book of children's fairy stories, and publishing it on the Kindle."
Serena R. USA
"After early retirement, I wanted to take up my lifelong dream of writing. Angela's 30-Day Novel-Writing Challenge gave me the confidence that I can do this. Thank you, Angela. Writing novels is my new career."
Georg P., France
"So I took the 30-Day Novel-Writing Challenge. At the end of it, I had three stories of erotic romance. I put them online under a pseudonym. In the first week, I made $8. In the second, $106. After three months, those first three little stories are making me between $300 and $500 a month. Angela's help has been outstanding."
Dee M., Australia

Here's what's included with Fiction Frenzy: Write and Publish Kindle Fiction

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Fiction Frenzy: Write Your Novel in 30 Days
Mini novel-writing course, PDF, 96 pages

Just in time for National Novel Writing Month.

Here's why I like writing fiction: it's FUN. You can tell stories, and get paid for doing so. All you need is your imagination. Fiction Frenzy began as a month-long writing challenge, firstly for me, then for anyone who wanted to join me.

The challenge was so popular, members asked me for more. They wanted the challenge materials as a PDF to which they could refer as they wrote their books, and they wanted on-going interaction. So, here we go. I've created a complete program to help you to write your Kindle fiction. I'm giving you on-going support, via my Just Write a Book Blog and via the Google+ Fiction Frenzy Club page.

Fiction Frenzy provides guidance as you write your novel -- each day, for 30 days, we approach another strategy you'll use in writing your novels. We cover: plot, character development, setting, revision… in easy, practical terms.
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Everything you want to know about Kindle publication but weren't sure how to ask…
Kindle Cash Success,
and Kindle Goldrush.

Several PDF reports, get you publishing on the Kindle.
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Three of my bestselling writing manuals help you to write easily and well

* Time to Write: Build Your Writing Career Minute By Minute
PDF, 64 pages

Finding time to write is a challenge for all writers, especially if you're a part-time writer. You need to fit your writing in around everything else that's happening in your life, and on some days you're just too exhausted to bother. You can go weeks without writing, particularly if someone in your family is ill, or if it's vacation time, and the kids are home from school.

How to write even if you're sure you have "no time" to write.

* Angela Booth's Top 70 Writing Tips: Write More, Improve Your Writing, AND Make More Money
PDF, 129 pages (2nd edition)

When I wrote the first edition of this guide in 2006, I had no idea of how popular it would become. Since then, it's helped thousands of writers to develop their writing skills, and I'm sure it will help you too.

I know that these tips will help you to write more, and get more out of your writing – a lot more. Apply the tips, as and when you need. You will turn writing into an adventure and a pleasure... it will help you to make money from your writing too.

* Write From Home: Best-Ever Money-Making Tips from Angela Booth
PDF, 56 pages

I wish I were starting out today, it's a thrilling time to be a writer. In this guide, I'm sharing the money-making writing tips it's taken me 30 years to discover. I hope you'll use this information to develop a great career, writing from the comfort of your home office. You'll make more money than you can make in any day job, I promise you. :-)

I hope that you'll get immense value from these tips over the duration of your writing career. Your opportunities to make money from home are truly unlimited.

IMPORTANT: Reread the tips occasionally, say once a month. You're growing as a writer every day. As your writing muscles grow, you'll see many more ways you can apply the tips to make money, and make writing easier and more fun.

Everything you need to build your Kindle fiction career

I love writing fiction. In this program, you receive what you need to get started, and publish on Amazon's wonderful platform. It's an adventure. Who knows where it will lead?

My fondest hope is that Fiction Frenzy will give you the confidence that you can write and publish fiction. This is an entirely new writing opportunity. Some writers will make their fortunes. Will you? Join me, and let's find out.
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Your bonuses

As always, you receive major bonuses with my products…

BONUS 1: 15 minutes of coaching
As always, you receive coaching with Fiction Frenzy. Coaching is usually $300 per hour. Take your coaching whenever it suits you.

BONUS 2: Fiction Frenzy Club On Google+
Lots of resources and novel and Kindle writing tips I'm posting on the Fiction Frenzy Club page. Watch for it.

BONUS 3: Fiction-writing thoughts, ideas and strategies on my Just Write a Book Blog
You'll find lots of ideas to help you to both write, AND promote your fiction on the Just Write a Book Blog. Check it out… Don't forget to subscribe.
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Book your free coaching with Angela Booth

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Please book your free coaching once you've worked through the material. You can take your session at any time, within the next 12 months. Coaching is via email.

Of course, in addition to coaching, you can ask for any help you need. Either Julia (my amazing, hard working assistant) or I will get back to you within hours (often minutes) on a business day, and within eight hours on a weekend.

You're NEVER alone -- Julia and I are here to help.


Angela Booth

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