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Make money writing: write to sell. Create products you can sell in just eight hours...
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What if you could create AND sell a product in just eight hours? The product could be anything: a Kindle ebook, a collection of articles, a short story… a new writing service for your clients. This program will show you how to think outside the box, get creative — and SELL what you create.
Angela Booth
Hi Fellow Creator
Making money from your writing can be a real challenge, especially if you're limiting yourself to trading hours for dollars. When you get paid by the hour, even if you're making $200 an hour, you're limited.

Create, and sell

When you create products -- ebooks, classes, coaching -- a creation of any kind, you're no longer limited. The time you invested in your product is repaid, many times over.

I started out as a romance novelist, in the early 1980s. That helped me to understand the concept of
write once, sell forever. It's a lesson I took to heart.

My own aim for 2015 is to transition primarily from trading hours for dollars as a
ghostwriter, to much more product creation.

Here's how I'll do it -- with 9-Hour Wins.

I LOVE creating long projects. However, I've been writing books for over 30 years, so I've learned a few tricks. In my first few years writing books, I messed around, got stuck and befuddled, and wrote much less than I could have done. But I was learning. I wish that I'd had someone to show me the way then -- I didn't, and that's a big part of the reason I create material for writers.

Outline it, create it, write advertising, and sell, all within 8 hours — how many products could YOU create?

Most of my students have challenges getting their creations out into the world.

They get an idea...

Then they get stuck. They second-guess their material.
What if, what if…? The “what ifs” go on forever.

Every writer has backburner products: products you’re almost ready to release. Or products you’ve abandoned for now, because you’re too busy, or you’re not sure of the next step.

And yes, I have those kinds of products too, projects I’ve abandoned for one reason: I got the what-ifs.

The what-ifs, by definition, are fantasy. We get the what-ifs because our mind creates them to keep us safe, and stop us getting hurt. Unfortunately, these mental blocks block our success, too.

Banish the what-ifs. Create 8-hour wins

To banish the what-ifs forever, I’ve found that it’s essential to have processes and deadlines to ensure that I finish what I start. I’ve turned product creation into a checklist that I go through with each product I create. Usually, theses are ghostwriting projects, but I use the same checklist for my own products too.

The checklist proved so useful, that I began teaching it. Suddenly, my students became product-creation dynamos.

if you’re not creating, and selling, because something is holding you back, "8-Hour Wins: Create and Sell Products in Just 8 Hours” is for you.

Introducing 8-Hour Wins: Create and Sell Products in Just 8 Hours

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Create a product (ebook, report, coaching course, tutorial -- anything you choose) and SELL it, within 8 hours. And do it again, and again. Build your name, build your bank account, and build your CONFIDENCE.
Learn the process to get ideas which sell: then develop a product, step by step... and sell it. Charge $2.99 (Amazon) or $129 on the Web. Information sells, if you package it so that it offers solutions. People pay for information, and entertainment. Give it to them.
Have fun: it's the only way to be creative. You can create wonderful products, and turn them into cash. Fast. Set aside eight hours on a weekend, or spend an hour or two each night, and create a product in a week. Want to create 6-figure income? You can. Or maybe just make enough from your products to make your mortgage payment each month.

What program testers say...

"My writing is a side project. Julia suggested I try out 8-Hour Wins. Did it -- to repeat, DID it. Selling now. First sale... Today. It's my first-ever ebook sale. Still trying to believe it. Thanks Angela and Julia." Seb Y, UK
"Angela asked me to test 8-Hour Wins. Did it work for me? YES! I started by turning old previously published articles into up-to-date tutorials. Did it in 8 hours. Income? $425 from one product after two weeks." Rebel N. USA
"I made my first sales on Etsy. Angela suggested a couple of new craft projects for me. She asked me to try 8-Hour Wins to increase my income. I'm selling my first 8-hour project now, to my Etsy people. Sales? 16 the first couple days. So pleased." Donna M. Australia

What's included in 8-Hour Wins: Create and Sell Products in Just 8 Hours

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8-Hour Wins: Create and Sell Products in Just 8 Hours
PDF, 45 pages.
Solid information to inspire and motivate you to create a product in 8 hours, and do it over and over again.

Step by step, from Hour 1, to Hour 8, with lots of tactics and strategies along the way. New writer? You'll love this. If you're an established writer, this is your guide to making more money this year. And next year.

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Easy and Fast Ideas for Products You Can Create in Just 8 Hours
PDF, 9 pages.

“8-hour wins”ideas for products which you can create. Think outside the box. The only requirements are that this is a product you can create QUICKLY, and that there is a market for it.

You'll love these unique and easy ideas -- and each and every idea has potential to create not just one, but many products.

One student said -- "this deserves to be a program all on its own. I LOVE it."

(BTW -- he also asked me to remove this part of the program. He doesn't want the competition... (grin.))
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How to Become a Prolific Writer and Conquer Every Writing Challenge

PDF, 52 pages.

The missing link for most writers: how to become prolific.

Writing and creating is a state of mind you can acquire. Includes:

* How to set and achieve "winnable" and winning goals;

* Putting the 80/ 20 to work, so that you work less, and earn more;

* A simple "become more prolific" process in just 4 steps that any writer can use.

This program helps you to put 8-Hour Wins into action, over and over again.

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As with all our programs, you receive coaching with
8-Hour Wins: Create and Sell Products in Just 8 Hours.

This time, you receive a full 30 minutes of coaching, which you can take via phone or email.

Read the program, then put it into action, and contact us with questions.

Julia will send you a questionnaire -- contact details below.

This is a
$150 value on its own.

Can you create 8-hour products?

Beginning writer or pro, yes you can.

You have all the information, and inspiration you need. In the program I tell you how to manage products like novels, which could take WAY longer than 8 hours... You'll find a way to create several 8-hour wins out of any novel you write.
This program is no longer available.