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Perhaps you've already started, but find that working on your novel every day is more difficult than you expected.

Initially, our 30-Day Novel-Writing Challenge ran from August 1 to August 30 of 2012. If you missed out, start NOW.

You'll learn to set goals. You'll get into the novel-writing habit, and best of all, you'll have lots of fun.

So -- Challenge YOURSELF. A mini novel-writing course, with a short chapter each day, sets you on the right track to writing your first, or next, novel.

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A 30-Day Novel-Writing Challenge
Angela Booth
Hi Fellow Writer

As you may know, I’m working on several Kindle novels. Volume counts on the Kindle store; so I’m writing several novels, rather than one.

I’ve had many questions about writing fiction for the Kindle.

A common one is about short stories on the various ereader platforms. Here’s the answer.

Yes, you can write short stories and publish them as “ebooks” on the Kindle.

Tip: add “Short Story” to the title.

Want to join our 30-day novel-writing challenge?

It's fun. You'll get inspired, and each new day brings you a short chapter of a mini novel-writing course.

Feedback has been wonderful; thank you for the kind words. I'm glad it's helping.

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How the 30-Day Novel-Writing Challenge Works

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Each day, you’ll receive a short motivating tip/ advice to help you with your Kindle fiction; this builds into a complete novel-writing course.

You can share your progress using the Twitter hashtag: #30novel.

It’ll be fun. We can motivate each other.

You can set your own daily word count goal; mine is 1,000 words a day on one of my novels. I’ll be 30,000 words to the good at the end of the challenge (God willing, of course. )

If you’re new to writing fiction, keep your own word count goal modest. Far better you write 100 or 200 words a day for 30 days than write 1,000 words and tell yourself “I can’t do this”, and quit. It takes time to build your writing muscles.

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