100 Day Writing Challenge

Achieve Your Writing Goals NOW

"It's Time... Take Your Writing To The Next Level.

"Make The Next 100 Days Count:

"Achieve Your Current Goals,

"Have A Wonderful Holiday Season, And Kickoff 2016

"In Truly Spectacular Fashion."

Join Our 100 Day Writing Challenge: It's Free (CLOSED FOR 2015 -- Watch for the 2015 challenge...)

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Set goals AND achieve them;
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Build your confidence. Conquer feelings of being overwhelmed: buiild a writing process which works;
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What will you achieve at the end of 100 days?

You choose. Set your own objectives and achieve them.

At a minimum, if you're an experienced writer, by then end of the 100 Day Challenge you'll be making at least $200 a day more from your writing than you're making now, and you'll be well on the way to making at least $70 an hour from your writing.

Want to blog your 100 Day Writing Challenge journey?

You can.
You can blog on your own blog, or you can share your journey on the Fab Freelance Writing Blog.

Get in touch if you'd like to blog your own Challenge. When you're accountable, you're motivated. :-)

However, when you blog, do remember to provide proper attribution.

Please provide attribution when you blog your Challenge

Please do not use any quote or content from the Challenge messages you receive without attribution. The material is exclusive, and is "Copyright 2010 Angela Booth. All rights Reserved."

That's clearly stated on each message you receive.

When you blog your 100 Day Challenge journey, or write other material which refers to it, you may of course refer to the Challenge (we want you to), but you may not use whole slabs of the material without any attribution.

You may use three or four sentences from a message, with attribution, and a link.

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